China Focus Community Launch

April 25th, 2017-

The Stanford Energy Club’s youngest energy community, the China-Focus Community, launched today with a small group dinner at Fey Restaurant in Menlo Park. Our main guest, Professor Jeff Ball, a Resident Fellow of Roble Dorm and a leading expert in China and energy policy talked to us about his latest work. Jeff, along with Prof. Dan Reicher, recently published a report called “The New Solar System: China’s Evolving Solar Industry and its implications for competitive Solar Power in the United States and the World.” The report, which comes at the tail end of a 2-year DOE funded project, uncovers several myths about the Chinese solar industry and how the United States can play a part in the story in the years to come.

For more on the latest happenings in solar and China, two sources were recommended to students attending the dinner. Amory B. Lovins and Jon C. Creyts (Rocky Mountain Institute) 2011 article commissioned by China Policy Review titled “Reinventing Fire” dives into possible replacements to conventional sources of energy and how they can be deployed effectively. Additionally, Jeffrey Ball and Jonas Meckling’s 2013 Scenario-Planning Workshop titled “Avoiding Sunstroke” in which they tackle the question..”as the solar industry continues to globalize, which parts of it will occur in which parts of the world?” is a great platform for those seeking to get a strong foundation and brainstorm/predict the unfolding situation in China.

-Written by the Stanford Energy Club