Energy Storage Community: Tour of STEM

April 26th, 2017-

The Stanford Energy Club’s oldest energy community, the Energy Storage Community, took a tour of energy company STEM in Menlo Park.  From their website, Stem’s “mission is to build and operate the largest digitally connected energy storage network for our customers. Our world class analytics will optimize the value of customer’s energy assets and facilitate their participation in energy markets, yielding economic and societal benefits while decarbonizing the grid.” As an NPR article describes the company, “Here’s how Stem does it: When demand spikes, batteries kick in so the company doesn’t have to draw so much from the grid…. The computer’s job is to decide when a company should be pulling energy from its batteries, rather than from the grid. When the company’s energy demand is low, it can recharge the battery. ” As CEO John Carrington says, “ We essentially have more fuel in the tank for cases where high demand carries over longer periods of time than initially predicted.”

For those who are following, the California Public Utilities Commission has called for billions of dollars of energy storage to be installed between now and 2020. With approximately 200 employees, this positions STEM very well to take a lead and answer some of the pressing problems in the energy storage space. Stay tuned for more company tours and information from the energy storage community, we have several exciting events still in the pipeline!

-Written by the Stanford Energy Club