Energy Week 2015: Paths to Power Dinner

Paths to Power Dinner

On the second day of Energy Week, the Stanford Energy Club hosted an informal dinner with alumni from across Stanford who have pursued careers in energy. They shared their perspectives, advice, and success stories with current students who share their energy interests. Students from various disciplines attended the event—including those from engineering, business, and law. The dinner featured a creative system where each alum rotated between small tables of 4–5 students, taking 15–20 minutes to explain their paths to success and answer our questions.

We heard from entrepreneurs, investors, analysts, and engineers with experience at leading energy companies such as Recurrent and Enphase. Their interests and paths since graduating from Stanford had led them to places including Jordan, China, and India, and it was fascinating to hear their thoughts about the future of energy in these countries, such as the role of energy innovation in China and off-grid solar in remote areas. Many of the alumni at the event had graduated from Stanford fairly recently, and it was inspiring to see their success. This dinner was also a valuable chance to connect with other students from different departments and hear about their current projects as well as future goals.

The “Paths to Power Dinner” event took place on Stanford University campus on Oct. 27, 2015 as a part of the SEC’s Energy Week 2015.