Follow Stanford in the Solar Car Race!



The Stanford Solar Car is racing across Australia! The race started on October 6th and will conclude on October 13th. Precourt Institute for Energy (PIE) reporter Mark Shwartz is in Australia with the Stanford team, and is helping facilitate updates. Go the PIE’s website to follow the team on its journey! Follow the team through video, picture and get locational updates as it makes its way from Darwin to Adelaide.

About the Stanford Solar Car Project (SSCP)

Founded in 1989, the Stanford Solar Car Project is an entirely student-run, non-profit organization fueled by its members’ passion for environmentally sustainable technology. The team designs and builds solar powered cars to race in the 2000 mile long World Solar Challenge in the Australian Outback. We provide a unique opportunity for Stanford students to gain valuable hands-on engineering and business experience while raising community awareness of clean energy vehicles. The team generally operates on a two-year design and build cycle and enters the finished car in a cross-continental solar race.

Members usually join SSCP as undergraduates with little to no engineering background and gradually build their knowledge while working on a vehicle. Coordinating a project of this magnitude also requires considerable management and planning, allowing students to develop these vital business skills in an engineering environment. With this approach, the team has fostered nine generations of award-winning vehicles, proving that a hands-on education in creative design and execution produces impressive results.


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