Networking Night 2017


February 21, 2017 – As the theme of our quarter was professional development, the Stanford Energy Club wrapped up the spring quarter with a whole slate of career-driven events to prepare our officers and Stanford students for internships and job opportunities. The past two weeks included a Networking 101 event, a photoshoot, an SPIE alumni dinner, and our annual Networking Night.

Networking 101/ Elevator Speech

Last week, the SEC partnered with BEAM Career Services to put on a brief tutorial on how to network effectively and deliver your elevator pitch to potential employers. From learning the nuances of holding your food while talking to someone to deliver a quick 1-minute enticing blurb on your life’s accomplishments, this event was incredibly well received by students.

Linkedin Photoshoot Session

With job season well on its way, several of the new faces in our organization looked to update their online presence with high-quality headshots on their LinkedIn profiles. Come rain or shine, our photographer-in-residence made sure to give every interested student the best profile picture they have ever received. The Main quad was a buzz with the future face of SEC glimmering with optimism.


SPIE Alumni Dinner

Connecting with Stanford Alumni has been one of our major goals this year. By partnering with Stanford Professionals in Energy (SPIE), we launched our inaugural alumni mentorship program in January and hosted a dinner with alumni this past week. Guests included the Former Commissioner of the CEC, an R&D Battery Engineer at Apple, Vice President of Battery startup QuantumScape, an energy consultant, and a renowned physicist working in the cleantech space!

Networking Night 2017

Our organization’s largest event of Spring Quarter and one of our favorite events of the year is Networking Night!  With over 30 companies and 150 students in attendance, this was one of the largest networking nights to date. Participating employers ranged from companies in battery storage to solid oxide fuel cells to software to smart hydro to energy law to policy think tanks! From the student side, we are very grateful to the GSB Energy Club for partnering and bringing their contacts in the realms of venture capital and finance to the table. Our attendees were students from engineering, law, business, humanities, and more!

Written by the Stanford Energy Club