Stanford Energy Journal Launches Issue #6:The Age of Solar

Celebrating the launch of Stanford Energy Journal’s sixth publication, titled “Age of Solar“, the Stanford Energy Club hosted an energetic, conversational panel discussion on the current and future state of the solar industry. Our distinguished panelists spoke about a variety of topics, covering stories in entrepreneurship as an avenue of solving needs in for high-growth, resource-stretched companies to personal adventures of using solar products to popularize and preserve indigenous music. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to talk to the speakers during the reception and were encouraged to think about how their own career might intersect with the solar industry.

About 6 months ago, when we were discussing the topics for our next publication, we were struck by the growth of the solar industry in the past ten years and key trends that shaped the industry as we see it today. The incredible fall in price of silicon solar PV is one such trend that attracted our attention, and as we approach authors in academia and industry for their thoughts, we grew equally excited to look to the future of this dynamic industry; to the looming expiration of the investment tax credit, to novel research into developing solar fuels as fossil fuel ‘drop-in’ replacements, and to the need for strong policy in emerging markets. Already equated with renewable energy, solar energy has the capacity to provide for all of our energy needs at the terawatt scale. We believe that solar energy can lead us into a clean, sustainable energy future.

Solar Launch copy

Pictured from left to right: Paricha Duangtaweesub, Editor-in-Chief, Stanford Energy Journal; Charlie Gay, Co-founder of Greenstar; Emily Kirsch, CEO and Founder of SfunCub; Benjamin Cook, VP Structured Finance of SolarCity; Stephen Comello, Associate Director, Sustainable Energy Initiative at Stanford Graduate School of Business; and Steve Eglash, Executive Director of Stanford Data Science Initiative, Artificial Intelligence Lab, and Secure Internet of Things Project serving as moderator. Photo credit to Kira Gardner, Editor, Stanford Energy Journal 

The Stanford Energy Journal is a student-run publication that aims to provide policy, technology, and finance contexts for a pressing topic in the energy world. We are a small, multidisciplinary group of students who are curious to learn more about energy outside of our own fields and are happy to communicate high-quality, impactful work to inspire a broad audience.

Thank you to all our panelists, moderator, attendees, the Events team, and Journal team editors for contributing to such a positive evening!

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The Stanford Energy Journal Team