Stanford Environmental Consulting

Stanford Environmental Consulting is a student-run organization with the goal of promoting sustainable practices that emphasize environmental, financial, and social performance. We provide consulting services for companies and other organizations already working with or interested in exploring, adopting, and spreading environmentally friendly practices and ideas.
Stanford Environmental Consulting is a group of dedicated, business and environmentally focused students at Stanford University. We provide consulting services that change organizations, aiming to make companies more environmentally conscious while improving fundamental business performance. We connect to a strong community of advisors which includes notable professors from the Stanford University research community, venture capitalists, and business school members.
Our members have a diverse range of backgrounds, from mechanical, chemical, civil and environmental engineering to management sciences, economics and public policy. Collectively we have worked at and placed members in the top three most prestigious management consulting firms, McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group and Bain as well as notable environmental organizations such as the National Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund.
SEC combines environmental concerns and economic viability in our consulting services. We understand that enabling sustainability on both the business and environmental front requires companies to adapt to market forces and hold responsibilities to the larger community.

Our organization also strives to help form the environmental business leaders of tomorrow. As such we hope to provide the best training and development opportunities to our members. We have intensive training sessions provided by professionals from Bain and The Boston Consulting group on core consulting principles and problem solving methods. In addition, we encourage mentorship between experienced members, alumni and newer members to more strongly develop as a critical thinker and as a team member. This link is the foundation for a future network of environmentally focused individuals.